Katy Perry defended by fellow “american Idol” judge LUKE BRYAN

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The country music star defends Katy Perry from haters of the show

Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, superstars in various genres of the music industry and now judges of the long-running show, American Idol.

Katy Perry criticized as the judge of American Idol

However, that may soon change as some reports suggest that fans are not happy with some of the remarks Katy Perry has made throughout her time as a judge, particularly some made during the last season.

Bryan defended her, however, saying that comments are merely speculation and went on to say, “Katy Perry’s been dealing with stuff like that her whole career” and “We’re not gonna bat 1,000 as judges” and says that no one is perfect and viewers especially shouldn’t hold Perry to a higher standard in that aspect and they have to be objective in judging kids on their talent that people at home fall in love with and naturally that means they would be inviting a certain amount of backlash. But Bryan has been attempting to play judge’s advocate through it all.

Reason For Criticizing Katy Perry

However, the criticism became widespread in particular after one incident where a contestant Sara Beth Liebe accused Katy Perry of “mom shaming” her as the singer had reportedly made some comments that angered the contestant who took to social media to call out Perry and with that social media erupted and the ensuing backlash is the result of what happens when you televise a misunderstanding in the age of the internet.

While, there have been quite a few reports of contestants and viewers being angered by some of the singer’s comments, it seems that the judges are standing together on this and with any luck we may not have any more fireworks.