Latest Loki Season 2 Clip Unveils Owen Wilson’s “Funny” Scene

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Fresh MCU footage unveils the comedic reprisal of Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius in Loki Season 2, promising more laughs and intriguing storylines.

In the first season of the Tom Hiddleston-led Disney+ series Loki, a standout star emerged not as a God of Mischief, but as Mobius, the TVA agent with a penchant for jet skis, portrayed by Owen Wilson. As Loki’s second season unfolds, a new clip has surfaced that offers fans a sneak peek at more of Wilson’s amusing performance as Mobius.

New Clip Shines a Spotlight on Owen Wilson’s Talent

Fresh MCU footage unveils the comedic reprisal of Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius in Loki Season 2

Despite the ensemble of Loki Variants that dominated Season 1, Mobius was a memorable standout, and anticipation for his return has been building. While teasers have teased Mobius’ role in the second season, a fresh clip from X (previously known as Twitter) offers a humorous glimpse into his character’s return. In the upcoming season, Mobius is seen interacting with a new TVA prisoner, played by Rafael Casal, in an old-school McDonald’s setting.

A Familiar Banter with a New Twist

The clip showcases a conversation between Mobius and Casal’s character, reminiscent of the banter between Mobius and Loki in the first season. This time, the exchange revolves around a McDonald’s shake. The clip commences with Mobius and Casal seated at a table inside the restaurant, where Mobius playfully remarks, “Now here we are, enjoying a meal like gentlemen.” Casal retorts, pointing at Mobius, “You slapped me in the face, I’m not going to forget that.” Mobius quickly responds, “I got you a shake, okay?”

Watch the full clip here:

Further Teasers and Clues of Loki Season 2

The X clip isn’t the only tease for Owen Wilson’s return in the MCU. An extended clip showcases Loki and Sylvie‘s fast-food reunion, with Wilson and Casal observing from a distance within the McDonald’s lobby. As Loki approaches the counter, Sylvie’s reaction prompts Mobius to quip to Casal, “I’m not going anywhere until I get some apple pie.”

Check out the extended clip here:

Mobius’ Future in Loki Season 2

Leading up to the Season 2 premiere, concerns have surfaced among fans about the season’s direction and its ability to recapture the essence of the first. While the promotional clips may be brief, they indicate Marvel Studios’ understanding of Loki’s unique characters, dialogue, and style – elements that define the show’s appeal. The new footage also hints at Mobius overseeing another Variant prisoner during Season 2.

An Intriguing Path Ahead

The presence of Rafael Casal’s character adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, raising questions about his role in the larger story and his impact on both Loki and Mobius’ individual storylines. Notably, promotional materials have teased Mobius donning an astronaut-inspired “Temporal Suit.” Additionally, Owen Wilson himself hinted at a deeper exploration of Mobius’ backstory in Season 2.

As fans eagerly await the Season 2 premiere on October 6th on Disney+, these clips provide a tantalizing taste of what’s in store, with Owen Wilson’s Mobius promising more laughs, surprises, and a deeper dive into the quirky world of Loki.