Laura Linney Discusses “The Miracle Club” and Advocates for SAG-AFTRA in an Exclusive Interview

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In an exclusive interview, renowned actor Laura Linney discusses her latest film, “The Miracle Club,” while sharing her perspectives on the craft of acting and the ongoing SAG-AFTRA negotiations. Linney, known for her role as Wendy Byrde in Netflix’s “Ozark,” embraces a lighter tone in her new Irish comedy, directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan. Here are the highlights of the conversation:

Laura Linney’s Delightful Departure from “Ozark”

“The Miracle Club” presents a stark contrast to the darkness of “Ozark,” which Linney fondly remembers as a chaotic and fulfilling experience. However, she clarifies that her decision to work on the new film was not a deliberate attempt to subvert her previous role. Linney’s attraction to “The Miracle Club” stemmed from the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed actors such as Maggie Smith and Kathy Bates.

Laura Linney’s Genuine Approach to Script Interpretation

When approaching a script, Linney allows it to guide her work. Each project demands a unique approach, and she believes in being interpretive and diagnostic to determine the best way to bring a character and story to life. For “The Miracle Club,” she delved into her character’s backstory, investing time in understanding her past experiences and motivations.

Learning from Acting Legends Maggie Smith in ”The Miracle Club”

Kathy Bates Linney expresses her admiration and reverence for Maggie Smith, describing her as someone who possesses an extraordinary understanding of narrative and storytelling. Smith’s sharpness, precision, and comedic brilliance made a lasting impression on Linney. She also commends Kathy Bates for her meticulous work ethic and ability to fully immerse herself in a role, demonstrated by her dedication to mastering the accent required for the film.

Reflections on Theater and the Everlasting Journey of Laura Linney

As a self-identified theater nerd, Linney shares her love for the stage and her fascination with all types of theatrical performances, even those deemed less successful. She finds joy in observing actors’ struggles and analyzing what works and what doesn’t, constantly seeking to learn and improve herself.

Balancing the Art and Business of Acting

Acknowledging the dual nature of the acting profession, Linney recognizes the importance of both artistic endeavors and the business aspect. Some individuals excel in one area or the other, but finding a balance between the two is crucial. Linney emphasizes the need to invest an appropriate amount of time in each aspect to maintain equilibrium.

The Impact of “Ozark” and Advocacy for SAG-AFTRA

Linney expresses her gratitude for her experience on “Ozark” and the opportunities it has afforded her. The success of the show has elevated her profile, allowing her to explore diverse projects.

Linney, along with other SAG-AFTRA members, recently signed a letter urging the union’s leadership to address critical issues and make necessary sacrifices. She emphasizes that the negotiations encompass not only well-known actors but also individuals working tirelessly to establish themselves in the industry.

Laura Linney’s interview highlights her artistic journey, her passion for acting, and her commitment to advocating for the welfare of actors. With her impressive body of work and her dedication to her craft, Linney continues to inspire audiences and fellow actors alike.

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