Loki Season 2 Episode 4 Hints at MCU Reboot

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The recent Episode 4 of Loki Season 2 has a massive twist raising questions about the MCU’s future and a potential multiverse reset.

The latest installment of the Loki series has taken fans on a wild ride, leaving us with a jaw-dropping reset that has the potential to reshape the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In Loki Season 2 Episode 4, our beloved characters Loki, Sylvie, Obie, and Mobius embark on a daring mission to save the TVA and the entire universe, guided by its creator, Victor Timely.

However, the episode concludes with a shocking twist, raising questions about the fate of key characters and the very fabric of the multiverse itself.

Let’s delve into the pivotal events of Episode 4 and explore what they mean for the rest of the season.

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This Article Contains Major Spoilers for Loki Season 2 Episode 4 and Speculation About Future MCU Developments

Ravonna Renslayer: The New Kang?

One of the most intriguing developments in this episode centers around Ravonna Renslayer, a character whose role has been shrouded in mystery since her debut in the MCU. Fans have been speculating about the possibility of Ravonna assuming the mantle of Kang the Conqueror, and this theory gains significant traction in episode 4.

The first piece of evidence comes from the demise of Victor Timely, who was transformed into an “intergalactic space spaghetti” after the Temporal Loom’s implosion. With Timely’s unexpected exit, a power vacuum is created in the Loki verse, potentially opening the door for a new Kang.

The second, more substantial revelation is that the TVA, rather than being solely the brainchild of “he who remains,” was actually founded by both he and Ravonna together. Their shared history was hidden through mind-wiping, and the relationship between them appears to be more complex than previously thought. In the comics, the two have a tumultuous history that ranges from lovers to enemies, with frequent betrayals and reconciliations. This newfound connection was exposed when “Miss Minutes,” the mischievous clock and Kang adversary, revealed the shared promise and history of the TVA’s founders to Ravonna.

While the leap from this revelation to Ravonna becoming Kang may seem substantial for MCU fans, it mirrors a storyline from the comics during Walt Simonson’s run on The Avengers and The Fantastic Four. This period introduced the Council of Crosstime Kangs, a group that holds significant relevance in the MCU, as evidenced in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania.

Ravonna’s connection to Kang in the comics offers intriguing parallels to what we’ve seen in Loki thus far. Elements such as the TVA and the dangerous TVA cubes have roots in Ravonna Kang’s narrative. For example, the TVA made its first appearance in Thor #372, when Ravonna Kang was an antagonist, and the TVA cubes were introduced during her time as Kang in Avengers Annual #21. These connections indicate that the MCU is drawing inspiration from this comic book era.

The Implications of Ravonna Becoming Kang

If Ravonna indeed takes on the role of Kang, it raises questions about what this means for the MCU and the Loki series.

First, there’s the logistical aspect. With Victor Timely gone, there’s a Kang power vacuum in the TVA verse. The Kang the Conqueror from Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania is either dead or elsewhere in the multiverse. This leaves Ravonna with a potential opportunity to assume the Kang mantle, at least in some universes.

However, she faces the daunting challenge of the Council of Kings, consisting of hundreds of Kangs. To navigate this obstacle, she could employ a special suit, as seen in the comics, allowing her to impersonate Kang. This technology could provide her with the means to infiltrate the council and gather valuable information.

Another possibility is that Ravonna creates her own Kang suit, with actress Mabatha Raw taking on the role as the primary Kang. This solution may still leave the council issue unresolved, but a universe reset, courtesy of the Temporal Loom’s implosion, could potentially erase the Council of Kangs.

Ravonna could also opt to rule the TVA and, with access to its extensive knowledge, join forces with Loki and his team to eliminate the various Kangs. The MCU has a history of complex character development, so Ravonna might evolve from a villain into an anti-hero.

In exploring Ravonna’s potential transformation into Kang, it’s essential to draw from the rich source material found in the comics. Ravonna Kang assumes the identity of “Terminatrix” during the mini-series Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective. In this narrative, she adopts a new moniker and employs a shapeshifting suit. Her bold leadership and brash demeanor send shockwaves through the Marvel Universe, striking fear into the hearts of its heroes.

Given the MCU’s penchant for drawing from comic book source material while adding its unique twists, it’s plausible that we may witness a combination of these elements, creating a Terminatrix Kang unique to the MCU. Such a character would represent a captivating and original antagonist for the franchise.

As the Loki series revolves around a theme of villains transitioning into morally complex heroes, the journey of Ravonna from her current villainous persona to a potential anti-hero presents an intriguing narrative arc. The intricacies of her character development, the manipulation of Kang’s legacy, and the consequences for the MCU offer a multitude of exciting possibilities.

The Multiverse Reset in Loki

The explosive conclusion of Loki episode 4, which saw the Temporal Loom implode, raises questions about its impact on the MCU and the multiverse.

The scope of this event’s consequences remains uncertain. It could erase the TVA timeline, reminiscent of the events in Loki Season 1 and parts of Season 2. However, if it affects the broader multiverses, it could potentially unleash all timelines, resulting in a multiversal collapse with numerous incursions. Alternatively, it might lead to a complete reset of the MCU’s intricate multiverse.

Temporal Loom Implosion in Loki Season 2

While a massive reset within a TV series may seem unlikely, the MCU has shown a willingness to use Disney+ shows to introduce significant plot points and narrative shifts. Given the importance of Kang in the MCU’s future phases, this upheaval could serve as a turning point for the franchise.

The consequences of this event are unclear, but they could range from a new streamlined timeline to a battle world where multiple multiverses coexist. The mention of the Fantastic Four, which has been hinted at throughout Loki, may also find its place in the narrative, as this series has been a rich source of Easter eggs and connections to Fantastic Four lore.

As Loki progresses into its final episodes of the season, the lingering question is whether the ramifications of these developments will extend beyond the series and shape the wider MCU in the future. The MCU has a knack for weaving intricate narratives, and Loki Season 2 appears to be no exception, setting the stage for potential game-changing events in the ever-expanding Marvel universe.