Margot Robbie Compares Barbie’s Journey to Buddha’s Journey of Enlightenment

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By Scarlet Witch

Barbie is going to the theater pretty soon, and the promotion of the movies is going extremely grand. The cast of the movie has been seen looking spectacular at the screenings and premier. Margot Robbie, the main lead in the movie, has been seen recreating many iconic Barbie looks, and she nailed it perfectly.

The fans are now expecting more than just a toy movie, and hope Greta Gerwig will be delivering the best to her audience. In a recent interview, Margot Robbie shared her experience of going through the Barbie journey.

‘Barbie Journey is like Buddha’s Journey to Enlightenment’ Says Robbie

Margot Robbie Compares Barbie's Journey to Buddha's Journey of Enlightenment

Margot Robbie opens her heart about her journey as an actor, she compares the journey of Barbie to the Buddha’s journey to enlightenment. The actress talked about how in her first interaction with the director of the movie Greta Gerwig, she was told by Greta that Barbie goes on a classic hero journey.

The actress says that she expected to hear something like that from Greta and no one else would ever say something like this. Margot says she was reading a book called Hero with a Thousand Faces, and she got confused by the name of the title saying ” A hundred faces? A thousand? Do you know that book? James Campbell.”

Margot talks about the book saying “It has a lot to do with the hero’s journey”. The actress says she realized she hadn’t played the lead character many times, and when she did it was not necessarily a classic human journey. The movie has been an enlightening journey for the actress, and she learned a lot about life and happiness from the director.