Margot Robbie Flirting With Other Celebrities

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By FilMonger

Some people know her as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, and others still as “Maggot” from middle school. Whatever you call her; there is no denying that Margot Robbie is one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. 

She is twenty-six and beautiful, in a blue mood, minor knock around key kinda way. She’s blonde but with dark roots; tall but with the aid of certain shoes; and can be sexy when she wants to.

For extra-curricular activities, most girls prefer doing yosuch things as ballet dancing, music, and perhaps cooking. But Margot Robbie is not most people. When she was young, 8 years old to be exact, Robbie’s mother enrolled her to a circus school for a program.

The assumption in the entertainment industry is that actors, especially actresses, have to eat healthily to maintain their gorgeous bodies. But Margot Robbie couldn’t give a toss about that stereotype. She has always admitted that she doesn’t follow any particular diet, and instead prefers eating fries and burgers and drinking beer.

In fact, she is not a very big fan of food moderation: she would be very upset if you insist she just eat a salad and a glass of wine for dinner, and then call it a night. She does, however, love eating carrots when it comes to wearing a bikini.

Most people became obsessed with Margot Robbie when she landed her role in The Wolf of Wall Street. But, while this was a major breakthrough in terms of big budget films, her first real debut in showbiz started with an acting job in a TV show in her home country, Australia. 

The Wolf of Wall Street was received with mixed reactions from the audience, particularly due to the exclusive scenes involved in the movie. However, for Margot Robbie, this was a career defining moment for the young actress.