Marvel Actors Saving Fans Lives In Real | 2020

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Tom Holland isn’t just a superhero on the big screen as Spider-Man!

Nope, after an incident with pushy fans, Holland is being labelled a real-life superhero after saving a young girl.

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland brought his superhero powers into real life when he helped a young fan get to safety after she suffered a panic attack while waiting to get his autograph.

According to the girl, Holland saw she was starting to have a panic attack and held the barricade up so it wouldn’t collapse. She also posted an image of posters and photographs that she alleged belonged to the autograph hunters, and which Holland threw on the ground.

a 10-year-old boy whose life was changed by Downey Jr’s Marvel character, Iron Man.

When Vincent was one year old, he suddenly lost the ability to speak and started showing signs of being on the spectrum. His parents, Nicole and Andy, got him tested and sure enough, he was confirmed as autistic.

But at age six, a miracle happened: After watching an Iron Man movie, Vincent put on an Iron Man helmet and suddenly began to speak. It was “painful” not being able to express his thoughts or make friends or tell his parents what was going on in his life, said Vincent. But putting on the Iron Man helmet enabled him to speak. “It helped me talk, it helped me hide my identity from the world,” explained Vincent.

But it turns out, Downey Jr. might have been the most grateful one on the stage and spoke about how much of an impact Marvel has had on not just his life, but the lives of people all over the world. 

In the video, Chris Hemsworth is seen sitting inside his car while going to the set of his film Extraction, which was shot in Ahmedabad and Mumbai in India and Dhaka. Just a few seconds into the video and one can see a fan with a picture of the star following the car on his bike. Later, the fan returns with a few of his fans, all of them asking the star for his autograph.

Chris can be heard saying in the video, “One of the more enthusiastic fans I’ve ever seen,” adding, “Yes mate, not in the middle of the traffic though.”

The actor is so impressed by the daredevilry of the fan that he even (jokingly) announced that the fan will be performing his motorbike stunts from now on. Sharing the video, Chris Hemsworth wrote, “Persistence pays off – not only did this guy get an autograph, he also does all my motorbike stunts from now on 

Chris Evans Spends Plenty Of Time At Children’s Hospitals

Along with his work for Got Your 6, there have been multiple occasions when Chris Evans has visited children’s hospitals to spend time with sick kids. Disney once set up a particularly special event in which Chris Evans visited the Seattle Children’s hospital all dressed up as Cap.

The event came when he beat Chris Pratt in a bet over the Super Bowl. Although he won, he still wore the costume for the kids. Pratt in turn wore his Star-Lord costume to visit Boston’s Christopher’s Haven charity. However, he hasn’t simply attended events whilst in Marvel wear. He has also been to hospitals along with his Gifted co-star McKenna Grace at the Children’s LA hospital.