Marvel Cast Being Super Sweet To Their Fans

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By FilMonger

When it comes to idolizing film stars, comic book movie fans rank right up there and the Marvel stars often go out of their way to return the love they get from their fans.

Returning the love doesn’t just mean showing up to Comic-Con, doing the panel, then signing autographs. These on-screen heroes sometimes make a super-effort to surprise and delight fans of all ages.

MCU stars who are nice in real life prove that kindness itself can be a superpower. Though they might not be able to shoot webs from their wrists or have Nordic-god-level strength, they can still be heroes to their fans. Even if these Marvel actors played the villain (or always liked the villain better), they’ve demonstrated they’re nothing but chivalrous to their very dedicated fans. 

It’s certainly not easy living up to literal superheroes, and serious comic book fans have high expectations. But these movie stars have proven they’re up to the task. Lets look at some thoughtful, generous, and simply nice things they’ve done for their fans.

Over the past decade of filmmaking, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a big force in the entertainment industry. As such, there are countless fans who are invested in the serialized storytelling, and various heroes that have graced the screen

Tony is given a heroic ending in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, when he saves the universe from Thanos by using the infinity stones and sacrificing himself. However, some fans are already calling for his return, with photos of a billboard that appeared in Los Angeles circulating on social media.

While buying a billboard is rather uncommon, marvel fans had set other unthinkable record. Recently, a fan from Florida named Ramiro Alanis set a record of watching Avengers: Endgame a total of 191 times and shared his achievement on social media.