Marvel Cast Draws Their Characters | Neither Good At Drawing Nor At Playing Games | 2020

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By FilMonger

Remember how Jimmy Kimmel Live is doing all-Avengers all the time this past week?  Well, along with the numerous adorable interviews and interesting factoids revealed on the late-night talkshow, there was also an art lesson.

Specifically, the gathered cast of Angers: Infinity War were asked to draw their characters.  This of course resulted in some pretty great pictures; from stick figures to muppets.The stars of Avengers: Infinity War all stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote their blockbuster movie ahead of its release on April 27. The late night host challenged the talented cast to put their artistic skills to work by drawing their characters for charity, and let’s just say, some of our favorite Avengers *cough* Black Panther *cough* are more gifted than the others. Watch the video above, then keep reading to see how each cast member sketched their Marvel superheroes in their drawings. Trust us, you won’t be able to unsee it. And if you’re still thirsty for more Infinity War content, check out our Instagram page, filmartsyofficial!

Here is our video showing some of our Avengers cast terribly fail at playing certain games. Enjoy!