Marvel Cast During Quarantine Part [4] | What Our Avengers Are Doing During Quarantine | Marvel 2020

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Everyone seems to have their own strategy for how to combat the pandemic facing the world this year. For most people, the number one priority is staying home, followed by practices of social distancing. This also goes for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, as seen in the video above. A sketch from YouTube creator Kurt Tocci puts the Avengers at home, properly spaced from one another, most of them rocking their appearances from Avengers: Endgame. Tocci’s video has gone viral on social media, garnering millions of views on Facebook alone, as he impressively scripted and acted out the Avengers in Quarantine sketch.

The video kicks off with Peter Parker busting into the Avengers’ HQ, which is now an apartment, and he believes Thanos is back. His reasoning: the grocery store is half empty. When Bruce Banner and Captain America explain to him that there is a virus going around, Spider-Man is suddenly “not feeling so good.” The moment is one of many lines which call back to dialogue and beats from Marvel Studios films. As great as the jokes spawning from MCU moments are, the added layers of commentary on the state of the world by including bits like, “How much toilet paper should we buy?” really seal the deal on the sketch being great.

Of course, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has actually been impacted by the pandemic. Black Widow should have already hit theaters but, instead, every movie from Phase 3 has been delayed.

Enjoy our part [4] of this series!