Marvel Cast During Quarantine | What Avengers Cast Is Doing During Quarantine

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With the outbreak of deadly COVID 19 most of the countries are under lockdown and it has caused great loss to the global economy. During this sad times it is important to stay positive and move on with the thought that “this phase will end soon.” But how soon? No one knows.

Ever imagined what our celebrities are doing this quarantine? More so what are super heroes are doing during quarantine? Here is some respite for you all from thoughts of this virus. In the article below, we will be providing you will all the insider information related to what the Marvel cast is doing during quarantine.

From Tom Holland to Idris Elba, this is how Marvel cast is spending their time during quarantine.

Interestingly, Tom Holland brought a chicken to supply him with eggs during the lock down. Smart, right? With innumerable Instagram challenges, its interesting to watch how celebrities are doing their bit to encourage their fans to maintain hygiene and high spirits this time around.