Marvel Cast Impersonating Tom Holland

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Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Holland are one of the most pure Hollywood pairings around, especially when it comes to press junkets.

Originally, Cumberbatch was placed side-by-side with the young Spider-Man in a bid to keep him from spilling the beans about various spoilers from the movies he’s starred in alongside the Doctor Strange star – like a little movie called Avengers: Endgame.

Holland can’t very well help the things that come out of his mouth, apparently – he’s just so excited about everything happening in the movies he’s starred in. 

So the fact that Cumberbatch has done a hilarious imitation of him shouldn’t come as a surprise. Previously, while waving his arms in the air during an Avengers: Infinity War press junket.

Well, Holland has seen this impression live and in-person. And instead of getting upset or offended, he actually thinks it’s…pretty good!

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