Marvel Cast Playing Would You Rather

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By FilMonger

With 11 years down and no signs of slowing down soon, the MCU is the juggernaut that we all knew it could be. So far, we have had 4 phases of movies, each encompassing what has become known as The Infinity Saga. These films all had a role to play in building up one overall story, and by the time the dust settled from it all, the MCU was able to shatter almost every box office record that people care about. Needless to say, they keep raising the bar, and the fans keep showing up and giving their unwavering support.

Moving forward, fans have to wonder what the MCU has up its sleeve. They did the unthinkable the first time around, and now, they will have to go even bigger than before. One thing the MCU does better than just about any other franchise is unlocking the imagination of the audience. We don’t just watch these movies, we feel them. It helps us enjoy the experience more, and it makes us think about what we would do if we were put in the same situations as the heroes.

The first of two huge 2019 MCU releases is almost here. Captain Marvel opens on March 8, welcoming Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers into the onscreen universe. Though the Avengers don’t know her yet, she definitely has the best powers out of all of them. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige referred to her as “the strongest character we’ve ever had,” per Vulture. Her powers include superhuman strength, speed, and flight — and your average superhero only needs one of those powers to thrive. If you had to choose between them, what would be your pick?

At the movie’s LA press junket, Bustle Entertainment Writer Sydney Bucksbaum challenged cast members Larson, Lashana Lynch (Maria), and Gemma Chan (Minn-Erva), plus co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck to a Marvel-themed game of Would You Rather — and she didn’t take it easy on them.

Asked whether she’d rather train to be a superhero or an Olympian, Lynch, who plays Carol’s best friend, has a hard time picking, considering she comes from an athletic background and even played an Olympian hurdler in Fast Girls. But Larson easily chooses. She’s gunning for a shot at the 2020 team for a particular event, after it became a huge part of her training for the role.