Marvel Cast Savage Moments

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By FilMonger

The Marvel Cinematic Universe sits at the head of the table when it comes to superhero movies… or movies of any kind, really. Nothing in Hollywood right now guarantees box office success like Marvel Comics movies.  

Brie Larson has a message for haters! The Marvel actress finally addressed YouTube trolls in her latest video which sees the Captain Marvel actress telling them not to bother to comment.

“Please like the video, if you liked it. If you didn’t like it, keep your comments to yourself,” says Larson in her fourth YouTube video which shows the MCU star exercising.

 Right from the start, RDJ been the poster boy for savage interview comments, proving that art does imitate life – at least when Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, it does. 

At a press conference for Avengers: Age of Ultron, Robert Downey Jr. was not the first person to be asked a question. So obviously he brought that up when he was finally asked a question. 

Marvel star Scarlett Johansson is considered one of today’s hottest stars. With her upcoming solo film Black Widow and several Avengers installments under her belt, the actress can now also add Oscar nominations. Despite her apparent talent, Johansson has been subjected to a myriad of sexist questions during press tours that her male co-stars have never had to endure.

Tom is usually the butt of other older Marvel actor’s jokes. To see him roast his costars with so much ease is a joy. Naturally, we would love a Falcon movie so if Marvel could work on that that would be awesome but in the meantime we will be enjoying this historic exchange from now until the end of time.

It certainly does look like Anthony Mackie is coming for Tom Holland, as Mackie’s star is certainly on the rise. In addition to winning the MTV Award for Best Duo, he also won a solo award for Best Hero. The awards certainly show that the fans are lining up behind Mackie, which is perhaps why the actor was ready he to say he was coming for Tom Holland.

A Twitter user pointed out Elizabeth Olsen’s weird thumbs – but fair play to them, she does have weird thumbs. In fact, Elizabeth agreed, saying: “It’s true, I do. I have weird thumbs,” before flexing them, weirdly. Check out those bad boys: