Marvel Studios Teases the Future X-Men Movie Plot in Secret Invasion

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The 4th episode of Secret Invasion on Disney+ subtly but significantly teases the future X-Men movie plot in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment

The excitement among Marvel fans has reached a fever pitch as the mutants prepare to make their official entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, previously hinted at an extensive reboot process for the X-Men, keeping fans eagerly awaiting their much-anticipated arrival. A subtle but significant tease in the fourth episode of Secret Invasion on Disney+ has sparked speculation about the connection between the MCU’s X-Men and the wider universe.

The X-Men Tease in Secret Invasion

Marvel Studios Teases the Future X-Men Movie Plot in Secret Invasion

In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment in Secret Invasion Episode 4, a book titled “Decoding the Superhuman Gene” written by Priscilla Fury can be seen in Varra and Nick Fury’s home. The book hints at the possibility of the X-Gene, the genetic anomaly responsible for granting mutants their superhuman abilities at puberty. This subtle reference suggests that the public is now aware of the existence of mutants in the MCU.

Ms. Marvel’s Finale and the X-Gene Implications

Ms. Marvel’s finale provided another nod to the X-Gene when Kamala Khan was revealed to be a mutant rather than an Inhuman. The revelation left actress Iman Vellani, who plays Kamala Khan, “freaking out” with excitement over the X-Men reveal. However, it seems that the implications of the X-Gene were not entirely uncovered during the events of the Ms. Marvel finale.

Unraveling the Secret Invasion Reveal’s Impact on X-Men Reboot

The reason behind Priscilla Fury writing a book about the superhuman gene remains a mystery, especially considering she is secretly a Skrull. It is plausible that Gravik, a Skrull leader, instructed Priscilla to research the X-Gene as part of their Super Skrulls upgrade/experiment. However, the outcome of this research may not have met their expectations, leading Priscilla to utilize the book to divert the public’s attention from the impending Skrull threat.

Alternatively, Priscilla might have documented her research about the gene to preserve it from going to waste. Regardless of her motives, the book’s existence could have significant ramifications across the MCU, potentially leading to conflicts between humans and mutants in the future.

Potential Ramifications and the Birth of Anti-Mutant Groups

The discovery of the X-Gene could give rise to various anti-mutant groups within the MCU, similar to those seen in Marvel Comics, such as the Human Council and the Orchis. These organizations could make their live-action debuts, adding depth to the narratives and potentially leading to clashes between mutants and humans.

Additionally, the knowledge of the X-Gene’s existence might alert the Avengers, prompting them to undertake further research to ascertain if mutants pose a threat.

Looking Ahead

The tantalizing tease in Secret Invasion sets the stage for exciting developments in the MCU as the X-Men’s presence becomes more prominent. Fans eagerly await how Marvel Studios will weave this narrative thread into the broader universe, opening the door to a new era of mutants and their interactions with the established heroes and villains.