Marvel’s Intergalactic Hangover with Frat Boy Thor

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By Tony Stark

Under the hue of blinding neon lights, today’s episode of Marvel’s “What If…” series gives us Disney’s take on the Hangover trilogy. After zombie Thanos and Supreme Sorcerer Dr. Strange, Marvel took 12,000 steps backward with episode 7. If you enjoy lighthearted kiddish fun, you will enjoy this episode! If you were hoping for an episode of depth and wonder, you’ll be like me, wondering why you woke up at 3 am to watch this. Here is our review of Marvel’s “What If…” episode 7 aka Thor’s Midgard frat party. 

Thor’s Interstellar Frat Party 

This episode’s premise poses the question, “what would happen to Thor if he hadn’t grown up with Loki?” Apparently, the answer is the universe throws some insane parties led by our fearless frat boy, Thor. As Odin takes his Odin sleep and Frigga heads to vacation, Thor sneaks past Heimdal’s watchful eye to Midgard. Upon his arrival, he seemingly invites the entire MCU without Heimdal noticing. Jane Foster arrives to make the first contact with this alien being and immediately falls for his dazzling swooning. 

S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Outlandous Reaction 

Captain Marvel could have been helpful in many MCU moments. Thanos, Loki, Ultron, or any MCU situation merited her cosmic help. Yet, she’s sparingly called up to the big leagues except when Thanos snapped half of the universe. In the series, Captain Marvel stops hunky Asgardian frat boys because why not. SHIELD calls in Captain Marvel to dispose of Thor, and if things go south, they plan to nuke him if necessary. WHAT!? The logic behind these decisions is non-existent. 

The Solution to an Intergalactic Hangover? Call Mommy

After an intense battle between Captain Marvel and Thor, the solution to ending the party is calling Frigga. That’s right, this episode’s conclusion is Thor’s mom showing up. At that moment, I broke. Marvel gave us their version of The Hangover, and we didn’t ask for it. With only nine episodes, this one felt like a waste. Only to add insult to injury, they leave us with a massive ending scene cliffhanger. As Jane and Thor agree to go on a date, a complete infinity stone-powered Ultron fused with Vision shows up, leaving my jaw on the floor. I hope they bring it home in the last two episodes, but I feel like I’ve said that for weeks