Marvel’s Secret Invasion Killed This “Major” Captain Marvel 1 Character

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By Scarlet Witch

Marvel’s latest show Secret Invasion has recently killed a very loved character. The early demise of Maria Hill in Episode 1 foreshadowed the unpredictable nature of the show, leaving viewers astounded. Despite mixed reactions from fans regarding Emilia Clarke’s return as G’iah after Episode 3, there were still plenty of astonishing moments waiting in store for them. The show continued to deliver unexpected twists and turns, ensuring that the shocks kept coming, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.

Character That Got Killed off in the Series Secret Invasion

In the climactic final moments of Episode 4 of Secret Invasion, Talos, the beloved MCU hero portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn, met a tragic end. This shocking development came as a surprise to fans, especially considering Talos’ significant contribution to the events of Captain Marvel in 2019. The unexpected demise of this iconic character left viewers reeling, eagerly anticipating how the story would unfold in the remaining episodes.

In the episode, the final scene shows the launch of an attack on Dermot Mulroney’s United State President Ritson. Fury and Talos were intercepting the attack as they try to save the president. In the attack, Talos is shot but manages to hold his human form while safeguarding the President. Another soldier from the United States armed forces rescues him. Eventually, Talos is aided by another soldier who guides him toward safety. However, in a shocking turn of events, the soldier is revealed to be the villain, Gravik. In a cold-blooded act, Gravik kills Talos and escapes, leaving behind a trail of devastation.