Matrix 4 Plot Explained & Top Things You Missed!

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By Tony Stark

He’s the one. That’s right, our favorite trench coat, sunglass-wearing savior is back for another Matrix film! After years of speculation and rumors, we finally have a fourth installment to the mind-bending computer world franchise, the Matrix. The excitement ramped up this week as we got our first look at Matrix Resurrection. 

Blink & You’ll Miss It! 

Like any well-crafted trailer, the true story hides in the half-second details. That’s the narrative surrounding the recent Matrix 4 trailer. Here at FilmArtsy, we give our time slowing down trailers frame by frame for you. After pouring over the new Matrix Resurrection trailer, here are some of the things you may have missed. 

Neo & Trinity Are Back From the Dead. Maybe? 

The natural first question upon watching the new trailer is how the hecks are Trinity and Neo alive? Pretty sure we left them both dead in the last installment of the Matrix franchise. In some quick screenshots, you can see the rebuilding and rebirthing of both Neo and Trinity. There are two clips of them back in their gloop pods from the first movie. Although, their rebirths are not seemingly equal. Trinity is suffering from memory loss, multiple personalities, and Matrix code degradation. 

On the other hand, Neo is repressing his memories of his savior heroics. He’s taking scrupulous amounts of blue pills, numbing himself from the truth. My theory is that Neo is trying to figure out how to save Trinity. 

Neo’s Powers Are Back & Better Than Ever! 

In the trailer, Multiple scenes show Neo’s super Matrix abilities. During the brief two minutes, Neo stops bullets, redirects missiles, and blows up a freaking dojo. The greatest moments from the Matrix franchise are watching “The One” do freaking code-bending stuff! I’m optimistic that there will be far more abilities in the upcoming film. 

Red Pill versus Blue Pill 

During this trailer, you can see a distinct color contrast between the “good guys.” Young Morpheus is dawning a vibrant red collard shirt while his partner is rocking a jet blue hairstyle. My guess is there’s a conflict in ideology between the two parties. Blue believes humans should be left to live their merry lives in the Matrix. In contrast, Red believes all of humankind should liberate from the Matrix. 

Overall, the plot for Matrix Resurrection is murky at best. I look forward to seeing how Neo and Trinity’s situation plays out. My main questions are whether the robots are still evil and whether there’s a new threat in the Matrix. I’m sure we’ll learn more as we get closer to the film.