Matt Damon Promises Wife to Take a “Break” from Acting Unless It’s Christopher Nolan

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By Scarlet Witch

During a couples therapy session, Matt Damon informed his wife that he intended to pause his acting career unless he received a call from director Christer Nolan. Interestingly, shortly after this revelation, he was presented with an offer to star in ‘Oppenheimer‘.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Matt Damon disclosed that Christopher Nolan unexpectedly became part of one of his couples therapy sessions. While maintaining privacy about the specifics of his marriage, Damon shared that he made a commitment to take a break from acting, but with one exception: if Christopher Nolan reached out to him, the break would be put on hold. Surprisingly, his wife agreed to these conditions.

How Matt Damon Landed A Role In Oppenheimer

Damon says the incident will sound ‘made up’ but it is the true story of how he ended up the role of Leslie Groves in the upcoming movie Oppenheimer. After being part of ‘Interstellar,’ Christopher Nolan didn’t include Damon in a couple of his subsequent movies, so it wasn’t actively working at that time for the duo. But here’s the actual, true story as Matt explained that while he was in taking couples therapy with his wife Nolan somehow ended up in the conversation. Matt negotiated that he want to take time off from acting but with one condition – if Chris Nolan were to give him a call. The intriguing part was that he did not know whether there is a project, as it is apparent that Nolan never discloses such things easily on call. He simply contacts you out of the blue. So, it became a significant moment in the Damon household. The movie will be coming into the theater shortly on 21 July.