Meghan Markle to be Part of the Iconic Hollywood Movie Sequel

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By Scarlet Witch

Meghan Markle has left the Royal family with her husband Prince Harry and is back in the Hollywood game. The Duchess of Sussex will be making her return to acting by being cast as the main lead of the sequel of the iconic 1992 Bodyguard film.

The couple is trying to save their £80m Netflix deal. The news of Meghan being in the Bodyguard movie is also getting a lot of attention due to the connection of Prince Harry’s Mother Princess Diana from the movie.

The Sequel of the Famous 1992 Movie The Bodyguard

Megan Markle to be Part of the Iconic Hollywood Movie Sequel

According to the Express report, the idea of the follow-up movie is pitched by Kevin Costner, the main lead of the original movie. Kevin has always admired Meghan and would love her to be a part of the sequel movie. He already mentioned another Royal for the role.

Back in 2012, he mentioned that he would have loved Princess Diana to be part of The BodyGuard 2. He even spoke to the late princess on the phone and he remember her being extremely sweet on the phone, she asked him a question in a very respectful manner ‘Are we going to have, a kissing scene? To which the actor replied, ‘Yeah’ explaining to her that there might be some intimate scene, but they will be okay. But later on, Diana refused the offer as she believed her real life had enough drama.

Meghan and Harry are suffering from a great deal of loss as last month their $20m Spotify contract got terminated. There are high chances of Harry going to Africa for his solo documentary made under Netflix.