Nelly Confirms Rekindled Romance with Ashanti – “We Cool Again”

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By Black Widow

In a recent interview with Rasheeda and Kirk Frost from Love and Hip Hop, Nelly made an exciting revelation that sent fans into a frenzy—his relationship with Ashanti is back on track. The rapper, famous for hits like “Hot in Here” and “Over and Over Again”, confirmed their rekindled romance with his trademark smile and a hint of humor.

When asked directly by Rasheeda if he and Ashanti are “back together,” Nelly responded in a light-hearted manner, saying, “Yeah, we cool again.” He went on to share that the reunion was somewhat unexpected, emphasizing that it wasn’t a meticulously planned event.

Rediscovering Each Other

Delving into the dynamics of their renewed connection, Nelly explained that time apart played a significant role in reigniting their romance. He expressed that being separate from each other allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of one another.

“I think we both were pretty much doing what we do, but sometimes being separate you understand one another more,” Nelly revealed. He emphasized the importance of empathy in relationships, highlighting how individuals often become defensive but eventually seek to see things from their partner’s perspective.

A Decade of Ups and Downs

Nelly, aged 48, and Ashanti, aged 42, have had a tumultuous relationship marked by a decade-long series of breakups and makeups. They officially called it quits in 2013, leading many to believe that their story had reached its final chapter.

No Pressure, Just Love

Reflecting on their current status, Nelly indicated that their relationship now feels right and free from unnecessary pressures. He emphasized the challenges they faced when their careers were in full swing, with external influences adding complexity to their connection.

“Yeah,” Nelly affirmed when asked if the relationship feels good now. “I mean, because it’s no pressure. Before I felt like both of us were doing what we were doing before career-wise, and when you got so many people in the middle of it, it can be tough.”

Rekindled Romance on Stage

The revival of their romance wasn’t limited to private moments. In a charming twist of fate, Nelly and Ashanti found themselves getting closer while singing Usher’s “Nice and Slow” after attending one of the singer’s Las Vegas residencies. This unexpected onstage performance was a sweet nod to their past and hinted at their rekindled connection.

Public Displays of Affection

Their reunion first caught the public’s attention in April when they were spotted holding hands during the Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia fight in Las Vegas. Videos of the duo performing their hit song, “Body on Me,” at a pool party added fuel to the rumors.


Two months later, they made their first red carpet-appearance at the birthday celebration for Quality Control CEO Pierre “P” Thomas, making it clear that their love was back in full bloom.

Sources close to the couple have shared that Nelly and Ashanti are thoroughly enjoying their time together amid this new phase of their romance. Described as happy and content, it seems that this unexpected reunion has brought a fresh wave of joy into their lives.