No Hard Feelings: Behind the scenes

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By Batman

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky a new rom-com is in the town, No Hard Feelings, a rom-com where a woman (Jennifer Lawrence) dates the son of a wealthy couple before he goes to college to make the money to keep her childhood home. The movie also stars Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day off) and comedian Hasan Minhaj.

Interestingly enough, the film No Hard Feelings is based on a real cragslist ad which inspired the writers to create this script. Gene Stupnitsky, one of the writers on the movie already had Jennifer Lawrence in mind for the lead role even as he was reading this ad who was also waiting for a good comedy script for some time now.

No Hard Feelings

In some of the exclusive behind the scenes footage, we can see the cast and crew break character and it seems that the unlikely pairing of Feldman and Lawrence may give us a comedy to remember. Feldman also reveals that he learnt a lot from this set and how to react in real time and has taught him how to be a better actor.

Even though there were some revealing scenes which would make any person in that position feel vulnerable, the actors revealed that everyone on set was very supportive and aware of how they were feeling at all times.

The lead actors have an easy chemistry on and off set. This is clearly visible in the interviews and the time they have spent off set getting to know each other. By understanding each other, it seems that they also share a common vision for what this movie aims to be which is a brilliantly funny comedy with just a little bit of heart that “earns its R.”