Pop Singer and Disney star Coco Lee dies at 48

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By Scarlet Witch

Hong Kong-born singer and Disney star Coco Lee who voiced Mulan in Mandarin dies at the age of 48. Allegedly, the singer died due to a suicide attempt that left her in a coma, as reported by her sibling.

Warning: This story mentions depression and suicide. If you need help then reach out to 9152987821

Lee was a loved artist, she had a successful career in Asia and around the globe as well. She voiced the famous Disney character Mulan in the Mandarin-language version of the movie with the same title.

She was also known for her performance of the Oscar-nominated song A Love Before Time from the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Not only this, she was well-known in US and Australia for her late 90s hit “Do You Want My Love”, and her song “Before I Fall In Love” — from the famous romantic comedy Runaway Bride starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

What actually happened to Coco Lee?

Pop Singer and Disney star Coco Lee dies at 48

Coco Lee was battling depression for several years. Her siblings Carol and Nancy Lee mentioned her condition getting worsen within the last few months, they state a Facebook and Instagram post. Many other fans are still in disbelief. The news of her death became a trending topic on Weibo. Many fans wrote their heart out for her. One fan said, ‘Hope there is no depression in heaven’.

The pop singer was a loved star, but her depression took the best of her as said by her sisters. She was taking professional help and did her best to fight her demons. She tried to take her life on 2 July, after her suicide attempt at home she was sent to Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong, Despite the best efforts of doctors and the hospital team to rescue and treat her from her coma, she finally passed away on 5 July 2023.