Prince William Remains ‘Incredibly Upset’ Over Prince Harry: Royal Expert Discusses Ongoing Rift

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By Black Widow

Royal expert Katie Nicholl provides insights into the strained relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry, revealing that the brothers haven’t spoken in quite some time, especially following the release of Harry’s memoir, “Spare.” The memoir portrays William in a negative light, which has further exacerbated the tension between them.

Reconciliation Not Happening Soon

According to Nicholl, while a reconciliation between the brothers is not entirely ruled out, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. The fallout from the memoir has had a lasting impact, with Prince William still deeply hurt by the portrayal of their physical altercation and other sensitive incidents.

Complete Lack of Communication

Nicholl emphasizes that there has been no contact between the two princes for a significant period. She explains that Prince William is finding it challenging to forgive his brother for the damage done to their relationship. Even Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, who had a close bond with Prince Harry, has been affected by some of the anecdotes in the memoir.

Implications for Harry’s UK Visit

Prince Harry’s brief visit to the UK for the WellChild Awards will likely not include a family reunion. Nicholl indicates that there are no plans for Harry to meet Prince William or their father, King Charles III. The strained relationships within the family are evident, and the lack of a reunion suggests the depth of the divide.

Damage to Relationships

The contents of Harry’s memoir have caused significant harm to his relationships with family members. The personal criticism directed at various royals, including Camilla and the Queen, has deeply affected his relationship with King Charles. The trust between them has been eroded, and Charles is wary of any private discussions being shared with the media.

Lack of Trust Hampers Reconciliation

Nicholl explains that King Charles is interested in reconciliation but has concerns about Harry sharing their conversations with the media, given his past behavior. This trust issue has hindered their ability to rebuild their relationship.

Harry’s Upcoming Commitments

Harry’s visit to the UK is fleeting, with limited time for family interactions. Following the WellChild Awards, he will travel to Germany for the 2023 Invictus Games, joined by Meghan Markle. Their ongoing commitment to their charitable work remains a focus for the couple.

Despite the ongoing rift, hopes for reconciliation between Prince William and Prince Harry are not entirely extinguished, but it appears that time and further efforts will be needed to heal the wounds.