Ranking All The Upcoming DC Projects

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By Scarlet Witch

The anticipation of all the DC fans is on top after the announcement of the new DC projects. Each of the projects is filled with high action, amazing storyline, unforgettable characters, and stunning visuals.

This ranking preset here depicts which projects will shape the storyline for DC.

Paradise Lost

In this series, the amazons will take center stage and the viewers can see what happens when they were imprisoned by Themyscira. 

Creature Commandos

These are the units of the military who compose of monstrous or supernatural beings which were created through scientific experimentation during World War II. This one will be the first project of DC in the year 2024. 

Swamp Thing

Dr. Alec Holland, who is a brilliant scientist, who due to an unfortunate explosion gets covered in flames, and chemicals get in the swamp trying to save himself and becomes Swamp Thing which is a huge moss-covered creature. 

The Authority

The Authority

Originally created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Bryan Hitch, The Authority consists of many members. Some of the core members are Apollo, Swift, Jenny Sparks, The Doctor, Midnighter, The Engineer, and, Jack Hawksmoor.


Portrayed by Viola Davis, the character of Amanda Waller will be in the spotlight and won’t have to hide in the shadow. The Authorities will try to protect their own interests. 


The group of peacemakers or police are the Lanterns. The main Lanterns are Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, and Jessica Cruz. This series will follow the adventure of these characters. 

Superman: Legacy

All the DC fans are most excited to see this project especially after the casting of David Corenswet to play the role of Superman. The series will be one of the most awaited DC project. 

DC new project Superman: Legacy