Robert Downey Junior Sarcastic Moments | No One Does Sarcasm Better Than Marvel Heroes

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By FilMonger

The only thing that can tell Robert Downey Jr. apart from Tony Stark is the Iron Man suit. Because just as Stark, he is witty, sarcastic, humorous and always, always has the right words to say.

They say that a troubled past can either take over you or, you can use it in the right way and join the league of the world-renowned personalities. The personalities who have seen the face of hell and worked hard to turn their life around. And their taxing journey of building the road from hell to awesomeness, has provided them with some real charisma. Now we can’t say for sure where Robert Downey Jr. got his bewitching charisma from, what we do know is that he too has had a rough patch in his life.

At age 6 when children are not ever aware of the term ‘drug abuse,’ young Robert’s father fed him marijuana, and consequently major chunk of his life from then on was spent in doing the rounds of rehab centres and jail. Thanks to his persistent efforts of getting rid of the drug phase, Robert Downey Jr. has remained sober since 2003. And today, all that he is known for is his committed work ethic and charming arrogance that gets us drooling every time he is live on talk shows.

And so, I present to you some of the best answers that would have lost their charm if they had not come from the man himself.

Watch this video here to witness some of the most sarcastic moments of Robert Downey Junior and other marvel stars.