Ryan Reynolds Flirting With Celebrities

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By FilMonger

The actor has some overly-enthusiastic fans, to put it mildly.

Ryan Reynolds has always been a funny guy, but it seems his recent role as Deadpool brought out his dark, brilliant sense of humour, which he often displays on twitter.

Last week, for his wife Blake Lively’s birthday, he sent a tweet which wished Billy Ray Cyrus a very happy birthday, and it seems that his sense of humour isn’t just reserved for her.

Ryan Reynolds is one of the best-looking actors in Hollywood, and while most people will just call him hot and leave it at that, some of his overly enthusiastic fans take to twitter so ask him for sexual favours.

While most people would be absolutely horrified and probably block them, Ryan has a bit of fun with it.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are obviously two of the most successful Hollywood actors, but there’s nothing we like to watch them do more than roast each other on Instagram. You know what they say, the couple who troll each-other, stay together…or something like that. 

Whatever the scenario, we love to see a celebrity couple unafraid to laugh at themselves and not take each other too seriously, just as much as we love seeing what they choose to wear to events like the Oscars and Met Gala.

It’s much more interesting to see celebrities doing, well, the exact same things we’re doing. But really, we like watching them be regular people and do things like, say, shamelessly flirt on the ‘Gram.

Celebrities actually do occasionally get kind of frisky in their comments on social media. Sometimes they will flirt with their fans, but more often, they get caught admiring each other.