Scarlett Johansson Funny Moments

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By FilMonger

Any self-respecting Marvel fan would know that the makers of Avengers had shown a romantic plot in the movies between Hulk and Natasha. The equation they share on screen is more than friendship, but in real life, they are best of friends. In fact, they share such a great camaraderie that fans have shipped their friendship as well. And guess what, the 17-year difference between the two is just not visible. Yep, while Johansson will turn 35, Ruffalo will clock 52 years today. And on their special day, here are some goofy and funny moments between Scarlett and Mark, which are pure #friendshipgoals.

Aren’t they cute? And you know what? Scarlett Johansson even considers Mark Ruffalo is her spirit animal. Talking about their characters, the equation between Hulk and Romanoff was beyond adorable, just like their camaraderie off screen. Also, just like any two friends, they pull each others’ legs whenever they get a chance. Black Widow dies in the final leg of Avengers and Hulk was shattered by her loss. It was the end of one of the sweetest romance we saw in the Avengers universe, but their great friendship off camera more than makes up for it.

On the work front, both Mark and Scarlett are busy with their respective projects. While Johansson will get a standalone series for Black Widow, Mark will be seen reprising his role, but just as the voice of Hulk in an upcoming animated-anthology series by Disney+.