Sebastian Stan At Home During Quarantine

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By FilMonger

While in quarantine in New York City amid the COVID-19 outbreak, actor Sebastian Stan — aka Bucky Barnes from the Avengers franchise and the forthcoming Disney Plus series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier — made an appearance on the Muscle & Fitness podcast, M&F Reps.

Below are some highlights from Stan’s interview with M&F’s chief content officer, Zack Zeigler, and his longtime trainer and friend Don Saladino.

On filming ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’

Stan revealed that the show, slated to be released later this year, was in the middle of filming when the crew was sent home due to the coronavirus outbreak. “We haven’t finished [filming the series]… [but] the plan is to go back whenever we can, whenever that might be, to finish. We can pick back up.” 

On people blatantly ignoring social distancing

“What makes me insane is seeing the beaches in fucking Miami, these fucking idiots and … it really makes me insane because that’s actually the problem right there.

Some of the people that are out there really battling this thing in the hospitals and on the streets and you have to be grateful for that and just do it for them.” 

Staying productive during quarantine

“My therapist said, ‘Hey, you know, keep doing normal shit—you know, like get dressed.’

I mean, I didn’t today, but you know the sort of things that you would do regularly. But yeah, you do need a routine, right? I mean, there are ways to do it. I’ll give you a hard one, like taking like an hour off of your phone.”