Shang Chi Cast Funny Moments

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By FilMonger

It’s official, the first trailer for Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings debuted today, and the reaction on Twitter was instantaneous. The trailer gave fans their very first look at this new MCU franchise based on the long-running Marvel Comics superhero, and the best reactions on the social media site conveyed the general positive vibe about the trailer.

Some Twitter reactions commented on the new trailer by referencing other MCU or Marvel-related properties, while others pointed out the amazing action and visuals. And as always, some speculated on the mystery of the trailer and the ways that Shang-Chi could shake up the MCU forever.

Twitter user @NeoGameSpark got a lot of likes by reflecting on how Iron Fist from the Marvel Netflix suite of streaming series would react. Iron Fist is both sad and a bit embarrassed in the meme they chose, which probably reflects the general way fans regard the Iron Fist series.

The first major martial artist in the Marvel screen franchise is generally considered the weak link among the Netflix shows, in terms of action and story. But there is always the possibility Iron Fist could be saved in the MCU going forward.

User @natashasmygem used a great meme from The Office to show their love for the new trailer. ‘Every Marvel stans rn’ is Michael, holding hands with Jim and Pam who have been replaced in the image by the collective posters for several of the MCU’s current and upcoming properties.

Among them are Black Widow, which also had a big reaction on Twitter for its latest trailerWandaVisionThe Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and Loki, which will debut on Disney+ in June.