She-Hulk Star Slams Disney CEO, Says He’s “Out of Touch”

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By Iron Man

Tatiana Maslany, the She-Hulk star strongly believes that Disney CEO Bob Iger is “completely out of touch” with the show’s contributors’ contributions to success

The ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes in Hollywood have caused significant disruption, with many industry professionals fighting for fair wages from major studios. Amid this tense situation, Disney CEO Bob Iger’s recent comments on the strikes have sparked controversy. In response, Tatiana Maslany, star of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, expressed her strong opinions on Iger’s remarks and shed light on the challenges faced by actors and writers in the entertainment industry.

She-Hulk Star Criticizes Disney CEO’s Remarks

Tatiana Maslany, while standing on picket lines in New York City, took a direct shot at Disney CEO Bob Iger for his comments about the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes. She highlighted the struggles faced by long-time industry professionals whose wages have dwindled over the years, and many have lost essential benefits like health care due to low minimums. Maslany criticized the treatment of actors and writers in the negotiations, stating that they feel “completely cast aside” in the midst of these discussions.

Maslany Calls Iger ‘Completely Out of Touch’

Tatiana Maslany, the She-Hulk star strongly believes the Disney CEO Bob Iger is completely out of touch with the show's contributors' contributions to success

Regarding Iger’s characterization of the strikes as “very disturbing,” Tatiana Maslany firmly expressed her belief that the Disney CEO is “completely out of touch” with the workers who contribute to the success of the shows. She emphasized her support for the workers who make Disney’s productions possible and generate revenue for the company. According to Maslany, the wealth generated by Disney is not adequately shared with the crew, cast, and writers who put in their efforts to create these shows.

Unfair Treatment at Disney

Having firsthand experience working on a Disney show, Maslany revealed that she witnessed how certain individuals fall through the cracks and are taken advantage of. She called attention to the discrepancy between the immense wealth generated by the studio and the lack of fair compensation for those who contribute to its success. The She-Hulk actress voiced her concern for crew members, cast, and writers, who play crucial roles in bringing Disney’s content to life.

Uncertain Future and Impact on Disney

As the writers’ and actors’ strikes continue, the entertainment industry faces uncertainty, with some predicting the possibility of ongoing job actions well into 2024. Iger’s stance on the strikes adds further complexities to finding a resolution, with several Disney movies hanging in the balance and potential delays looming. Maslany’s outspokenness on this critical issue is consistent with her reputation for speaking up on important matters beyond the movie industry.

The Hope for Resolution

Maslany’s passionate advocacy for fair wages and better treatment resonates with many actors and writers who are fighting for their rights. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige also expressed disappointment in the strikes and hopes for a swift resolution. As actors and writers continue to voice their concerns, fans anxiously await developments that may bring these strikes closer to a resolution.