Some of The Most Comic-Accurate Costumes in MCU and DCU

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By Scarlet Witch

MCU and DCU superhero comic books have been around for a while, and every other day we hear a movie adaption of one of these comic books. Both Marvel and DC have been adapting movies from comic books, and when it comes to character design, there is so much reference. The way a Hero looks matters a lot and this is why costume design is everything.

Here are some of the best examples of comic-accurate costumes in MCU and DCU.

Caption America

One of the best costume adaptions is done by the makers of Caption America: The First Avenger. The character and storyline are based in the early 40s so the costume design is on point or we can say era-appropriate. 

Iron Man

No Marvel fan can ever forget when Tony Stark put together his first suit, the iconic red and gold suit in the first Iron Man movie. The whole scene was so good that it made us believe that Iron Man stepped out of the pages of comic books to the screen. 

iron man MCU AND DCU

Wanda Maximoff

MCU did a great job designing the costume of Wanda Maximoff. Fans were thrilled to see Wanda in the Scarlet Witch outfit complete with headdress. 

The Flash 

One of DC’s famous series The Flash where Barry Allen gets an upgraded costume in the eighth season is extremely similar to one in the comic. The identical red and gold design was much appreciated by the fans. 


In the movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ben Affleck’s costume is on point in The Dark Knight Returns comic. The combination of grey and black made the suit look extremely realistic. 

batman MCU and DCU