Spiderman Actors Angry At Paparazzi

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By FilMonger

In the 2000s, Tobey Maguire used to be the toast of Hollywood and one of the highest-paid actors of the decade. However, in just a few years, his career nosedived and Tobey ended up on the outskirts of movieland. So what exactly happened to everyone’s favorite Spider-Man?

We at Bright Side couldn’t ignore this charming and talented actor’s story, and decided to find out why his success fizzled out so soon!

Tobias Vincent Maguire first appeared on screen at the age of 13, playing a tiny part in a soap opera about doctors. However, at the time, he didn’t think of becoming a professional actor (young Maguire planned to be a chef like his dad). On the other hand, Maguire’s mother once dreamed of starring in the movies but it didn’t work out. Still, the woman managed to find a way to inspire her son by offering him $100 for enrolling in acting courses!

Maguire soon realized that appearing in commercials and TV shows brought good money. The future Spider-Man dropped out of school at age 13 and began earning his living as an actor. Soon, Maguire landed a role in a movie which also starred Robert De Niro and the then-unknown Leonardo DiCaprio.

For Maguire and DiCaprio, working side by side on set quickly transformed into a genuine friendship. The 2 actors are still close to this day — the paparazzi often take photos of them hanging out together on vacations.

Maguire’s luck, talent, and good boy appearance proved to be an explosive combo. Before long, he found himself starring in feature films helmed by the coolest directors in Hollywood. His solid performances in Pleasantville alongside Reese Witherspoon and in The Cider House Rules with Charlize Theron showed everyone that Maguire wasn’t just a pleasant face for the adverts, but a serious actor to boot.