Spiderman Bloopers Vs Actual Scenes

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By FilMonger

They don’t get much more pure than Tom Holland, as the Spider-Man star broke character big time alongside Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio.

In a blooper reel released ahead of the home entertainment release of the Marvel comics epic, Spidey and Mysterio are bro-ing down in one scene.

It’s a serious moment.

A poignant moment.

And Tom Holland is ruining it.

In the clip, the pair are facing one another as they chatted about their plan going forward, however with Tom facing away from the camera, the poor lad can’t keep a straight face in front of Jake.

As Jake says: ‘I’ll do my best to make this mean something,’ poor Tom descends into a bout of the chuckles.

Jake said to the crew who were pulling the pair up: ‘He’s laughing! I got this, my scene partner is breaking…’

Not able to keep it together for the next take, Tom turned to the camera and asked: ‘Can you see my face?’

When it’s established that the camera was focusing only on Jake’s face, Tom replied: ‘So I can smile?’

Seemingly taking this approval a little too far, in the next roll he started full on laughing as Jake, breaking once more added: ‘Are you kidding? Your whole body’s moving!’

Guys, get it together!

The Spidey kitchen got too hot for Tom, as he decided it was best he got some fresh air away from the apparently hilarious face of Mysterio.