Spiderman No Way Home Ending Spoiled

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By FilMonger

All that’s left between you and the Spider-Man: No Way Home is one week. It’s even less than that if the movie hits theaters on December 15th in your market, or if you scored tickets to Thursday night showings. Not to mention that the red carpet premiere happens on Monday, and we’ll soon get to see more reactions and reviews of the movie. We already know the big No Way Home spoiler, a significant plot detail that leaked months ago. What hasn’t spread as much is the full No Way Home plot, although we did see a few plot leaks here and there. Now, a new leak may reveal everything that happens in the movie and even how Spider-Man: No Way Home ends.

The Spider-Man plot leak

A person in China claims to have seen No Way Home, and he or she posted a full plot online earlier this week. That leak made its way to Reddit, and we looked at its claims closely. We noted that some of the details in the leak made sense, considering what we have already learned about No Way Home from Sony and Marvel’s trailers and TV spots released so far.

Also, the plot leak seemed to corroborate other No Way Home leaks from reliable Marvel insiders. That’s either proof the Chinese leaker’s story is authentic, or that the person used all that information to create a fake plot leak.

The leak describes the action, a heartbreaking death, and the way No Way Home ends. Just like a few other leaks, this one tells us that Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) will complete THE spell. That’s the spell that Peter Parker (Tom Holland) botched early in the movie, leading to the multiverse mayhem we saw in the trailers.

That’s to say absolutely everyone in the MCU will forget who Peter Parker is. Everyone. Strange, the Avengers, Ned (Jacob Batalon), and MJ (Zendaya) will all forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. But people will still know there is a Spider-Man out there protecting them.