Spiderman No Way Home Leaked Costumes

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Reportedly leaked costume descriptions from Spider-Man: No Way Home detail the suits worn by Green Goblin and all three versions of Spider-Man.

Costume descriptions have apparently leaked from behind the scenes of Spider-Man: No Way Homedetailing the suits to be worn by Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin as well as the costumes of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as their respective variations of Spider-Man.

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s third Spider-Man film swings into theaters later this year, it will bring back multiple villains from past Spider-Man movies, including Dafoe’s Green Goblin, who was first featured in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man from 2002. In addition, many rumors and reports have suggested Maguire and Garfield are also set to reprise their roles as alternate versions of Peter Parker, who has so far been played in the MCU exclusively by Tom Holland. A new reported leak from Reddit helps corroborate this theory, providing costume descriptions for the suits to be worn by Dafoe, Maguire and Garfield in the upcoming movie.

According to the report, No Way Home‘s Green Goblin costume retains its basic framework from the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, but it has received a handful of updates. The costume will include a tan-colored shoulder strap with a belt and bomb bag that look accurate to the villain’s iconic comic book costume. The mostly green suit has also integrated more color this time around, its body armor interwoven with gold and purple accessories. In the sighting described in the leak, the suit was damaged and patchy in some places, and its wearer donned goggles rather than the original costume’s helmet.

Similarly, the leak asserted Maguire and Garfield will wear essentially the same suits that they wore in their respective Spider-Man franchises. Specifically, Garfield’s suit will mimic his look from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the costume spotted on set matched the suit from the leaked footage of Garfield on the No Way Home set–a video that Garfield claimed was doctored.

In addition, the leak included a description of an early version of Holland’s black-and-gold suit, which appeared briefly in No Way Home’s first trailer. When the costume was spotted by the leaker, it featured a bit of red detailing that hasn’t been seen before. For reasons unknown, the costume also had a cell phone taped to its chest.

While images reportedly surfaced of the Spider-suits for Maguire and Garfield, the leak’s details have yet to be verified, adding to the storms of speculation and rumor surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home. In addition to the confirmed returning villains, including Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock and Jamie Foxx’s Electro, previous reports have suggested that the film will also see the return of Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman from Spider-Man 3 and Rhys Ifan’s Lizard from The Amazing Spider-ManHowever, director Jon Watts later dismissed these reports as rumors.