Tenoch Huerta: Rising Marvel Star Has Been Charged With Sexual Assault

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By Aquaman

Tenoch Huerta, a budding Marvel star, has allegedly been accused of sexual assault, which is frightening news. Maria Elena Rios, a talented saxophonist, is his accuser.

Huerta received praise for his portrayal of Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. And it is anticipated that he will return in other MCU films.

Elena Rios About Tenoch Huerta On Twitter

Elena Rios About Tenoch Huerta On Twitter

Rios exposed Huerta as a sexual predator on Twitter.

 The loose translation for Rios’ tweet states, “I made it very clear to them when I left their sect that I protect the violator and sexual PREDATOR from Tenoch Huerta.”

Rios did not specify the circumstance in which Huerta allegedly sexually assaulted her, but she did state that she is holding him directly responsible for this horrific conduct.

One of the fans who commented on Rios’ first post directly questioned if Huerta had sexually assaulted her. She affirmed that he had, adding that other women had also experienced this.

These are serious allegations. And this is not the first time a Marvel celebrity has faced assault allegations in the last six months.

Tenoch Huerta

For the alleged attack of his ex-girlfriend, Jonathan Majors is still waiting for his court date. Though many think it will be their course of action, Marvel has not yet decided whether to replace the guy.

Disney And Marvel To Take Action?

We would assume that Disney and Marvel would need to make a judgment about these allegations quickly, especially given how serious they are.

If nothing is done, Tenoch Huerta’s accusation of this degree of violence will make the company’s slow progress with Majors even more questionable.

Currently, not much further is known about this circumstance. However, we anticipate that in the next hours, additional information will start to surface.