The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Cast Funny Moments

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By FilMonger

Marvel has been upping their game lately with some of these shows that have been coming out on Disney+. They started out 2021 freaking strong with WandaVision, becoming one of, if not the most popular show on the platform at the time.

 Now, however, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has smashed the records on Disney+, becoming one of the most viewed premiers so far.

It’s clear that the fans are here for this awesome continuation of these great characters, but because of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, there are several other characters to explore – which means there are plenty of other actors that have been around in Hollywood for some time now.

 While Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie have made appearances in some of our favorites movies and TV shows, other costars like Emily VanCamp, Don Cheadle, and many others have popped up here and there just as much. 

Thanks to the versatility of Disney+, Marvel Studios is able to explore deeper into characters fans know and love at a scope that isn’t easy to do in a theatrical film.

But it isn’t just about the action, as fans of “WandaVision” know; it’s about the chance to deep-dive into these characters and their own stories outside of the grand scheme of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The relationship between Sam and Bucky is one that was teased in Phase Three of the MCU, which stood out to Feige and his team and decided that there was a story to tell with these two.

In regards to the possibility of there being a season two, Kevin says that is certainly not off the table. While they didn’t approach it like a season one and season two, there are ideas on the table for future stories with these two characters.