The Greatest Movies on HBO Max Currently

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By Wanda

HBO Max provides users with a universal collection of movies, including its original content, Warner Bros. films, and superhero films. From a huge storehouse, we’ve selected the top movies on HBO Max which will be worth the time.

1. Gray Matter, a 2023 release

Directed by Meko Winbush, Gray Matter is a 1 hr 26 min long sci-fi thriller film, featuring a story written by Philip Gelatt. The plot centers around sixteen-year-old Aurora, who lives a shielded life due to her psionic powers, as warned by her overprotective mother. Aurora’s life takes a dramatic turn when she is noticed by a secret squad, challenging everything she has ever been taught.

2. Being Mary Tyler Moore, a 2023 release

Being Mary Tyler Moore is a documentary film directed by James Adolphus that pays a heartfelt tribute to the remarkable Mary Tyler Moore. The documentary not only celebrates her groundbreaking career as a comic actress but also talks of her compassionate nature, activism, and major influence on both the entertainment industry and society. The insights of co-stars offer a better look into her legendary life.

3. Bama Rush, a 2023 release

Vice Studios and HBO have come up together to create a documentary that revolves around the University of Alabama sorority rush process and its impact on aspiring young women seeking to be a member of the Greek System. A group of young women navigate the four cuts in their quest to join a sorority where they can discuss the hardships of being a college woman, the racial issues they encounter, and their urge to gain social recognition through membership.

4. Avatar: The Way of Water, a 2022 release

Avatar: Way of Water marks the visionary direction of James Cameron‘s return to the Avatar franchise after a decade. Set sixteen years after the first movie, the sequel introduces the reef tribe and follows Jake Sully and Neyitri as they learn about traditions and culture, ultimately uniting the tribes to battle against industrial invades posing a threat to the seas.

5. Shiva Baby, a 2020 release

Directed by Emma Seligman, this 1 hr 17 min long movie explores the New York Jewish incident. It revolves around Danielle, a college senior who attends a shiva with her parents. At the event, she tussles with the mess of her life as she transforms into an adult. Despite a sober backdrop, the film shines through the hilarious performances of Sennott, Melamed, and Molly Gordon.

6. Shazam, a 2019 release

Shazam is a light-hearted addition to the DC universe. The movie casts Zachary Levi as the superhero alter ego of Asher Angel. The plot tells us about Billy Batson, who once adopted, attains superpowers unexpectedly. The film surrounds brilliant performances by Mark Strong and Djimon Hounsou and concentrates on the birth of the superhero.

7. Joker, a 2019 release

Joker, directed by Todd Phillips, offers a fresh perspective on the iconic DC villain, the Joker. The film features Joaquin Phoenix in a different way. Set in a world without Batman, it revolves around the societal factors that transform an aspiring clown into a madman. The cinematography is brilliant and Pheonix’s dedication to this character adds depth to the film.

8. Ocean’s 8, a 2018 release

Ocean’s 8 is a delightful addition to the Ocean’s 11 universe, in the very world where George Clooney‘s heist trilogy took place. Sandra Bullock directed, the movie revolves around a ringleader who gathers a team of skillful criminals for a high-profile con at the Met Gala.

9. The Conjuring, a 2013 release

One of the best horror films that surpasses its sequel. Paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren serve as agents of the church, helping families escape the clutch of demonic possession.

In the movie, the Warrens are approached by a young mother whose family is tortured by an evil spirit at their new country house. Director James Wan has created a movie about love, for family, for each other or for humankind. 

10. Men in Black, a 1997 release

Men in Black, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, is a critically acclaimed action comedy featuring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The film revolves around alien activity on Earth. Jones and Smith have contrasting characters where one sits world-weary and the other tries to prove himself. Together, they drive the narrative of extraterrestrial murder and chaos quickly. The movie is remembered for its custom Will Smith song at the end.