The Idol Behind the Scenes – HBO’s Controversial Series

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By Jean Grey

The Idol Behind the Scenes displays solidarity of Lily-Rose-Depp, and  The Weeknd gives a fusion of drama, and love!

Zooming in the insights of The Idol

The Idol series has 5 episodes in which they unveil the music industry drama where Jocelyn a booming pop star in The United States begins her relationship with Tedros a nightclub owner, self-help guru, and cult leader because of reclaiming the title of Sexiest pop star, after her tour got called off due to her nervous breakdown.

 The majority of Shots were filmed around Los Angeles but the director got creative under a limited budget and most of the scenes were captured at Abel Tesfaye’s residence. Marcell Rev director of photography said, “Good Architecture incorporates light, that’s why we stick with natural light for the most part.”

Art of Directing The Idol

Amy Seimetz was the foremost and the former director of The Idol who guided four of six original episodes. She later got replaced with Sam Levinson the director and actor who has a profound perception in writing and direction.

The 76th Cannes Film Festival – Photocall for the TV series “The Idol” Out of Competition – Cannes, France, May 23, 2023. Director Sam Levinson and cast members Lily-Rose Depp and Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye pose. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

We had just finished Euphoria season 2, when I got a call over to Abel’s house and that’s when we had started talking about making this show. It’s about an artist who feels stuck also feels pressured by the expectations of the world at large.”

– Sam Levinson

Emerging Cast of The Idol

The solid acting of Lily-Rose Depp bagged her the opportunity to lead opposite Tesfaye. But the series went through drastic changes as the supporting actors were recurring. consequently, the final cast has Jennie Kem, Rachel Sennott, and Troye Sivan, and Suzanna Son.

Depp was auditioned through the tight pandemic process due to the Covid outbreak, which demanded self-tapes, and Zoom calls. The actor sang “Fever” giving her the chance to outshine the audition and she immediately stood out to the executive producer. “I’ll never forget getting that call. I still have all these pinch-me moments all the time,” Depp said. “I can’t believe they wanted me to do it.”

References and Ideas of The Idol

The idol has shown major references to recreate the 90s vibe with a hint of modernism, which can be seen through very specific features such as makeup precisely the lip makeup that gives out a spinning fusion. The choreographer Nina McNeely says she likes approaching choreography with a perception of creating something timeless, so even pictures are the inspiration for her. Pouring out the 90s era, The Idol is stunning yet distracting at the same time.

Controversy with HBO

HBO and The Idol crew mismatched on their release date when HBO shared that the series was going to be revised completely. This also gave rise to script changes, and production delays, thus resulting in pushing the release date.

After the new perception of Levinson, the focus went on the singer being in a predatory relationship including more nudity and adult content.

Depp’s view on the controversies was straight and defensive where she quotes,

“I’m not interested in making anything puritanical, I’m not interested in making anything that doesn’t challenge me, or challenge other people, honestly. I think this show is fearless, and that’s something that I’ve been really excited and proud to dive into. I can’t wait for you guys to see it.”

– Lily Rose Depp

Dose of Music

The soundtrack, The Idol, Vol. 1 was created by The Weeknd and the supporting cast members and a collaboration with Playboi Carti and Madonna is seen in the soundtrack as “Popular” Dropping out the link for my music lovers!

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