The Kissing Booth 2 Best Scenes | Netflix 2020

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After more than two years of waiting for The Kissing Booth 2, fans were finally reunited with Elle, Noah, Lee, and the rest of the crew when the highly-anticipated sequel made its Netflix debut on July 24.

One of my fav moments from the movie would def be  Marco’s speech about love At one point in the movie, Elle and Marco are sitting together on the beach when he offers some wisdom about love and relationships. “You can’t really hold onto someone,” he tells her.

Despite some highs and lows, Elle and Lee continue to be friendship goals.

We may not have a tangible list of rules with our besties, but there are definitely some unspoken bylaws — and these two set the bar for platonic soul mates pretty high.

The dancing!

Idk about you, but I’m definitely going to be spending my summer trying to learn Elle and Marco’s dance moves.

Fans had a lot of mixed feelings about Chloe.

On the one hand, it seems as though Noah and Chloe were just friends. On the other hand…those text messages. Here’s hoping that if there is a third film, we get to see more of Chloe — and maybe she and Elle will team up as pals.

Did you catch the funny blooper that made it into the film?

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that when Noah is waiting for Elle at the airport, he tosses her name card into the air…and it seemingly hits one of the actors walking in the background. Whoops!

Ugh, OK — let’s talk about that moment when Noah watches Elle and Marco kiss.

Did anyone else feel their heart drop when Noah’s energetic smile transforms into a confused and sad expression? Oof.

Still, fans weren’t thrilled when Elle chose Noah at the end of the film.

To be fair, The Kissing Booth 2 put in work to make viewers fall in love with Marco — and by the end of the movie, plenty of fans were rooting for Elle and Marco to make it official. But it seems as though Marco still thinks Elle is “worth it,” which makes us wonder: Is there going to be a third film?

It sure seems like a Kissing Booth 3 is possible.

The second film ends with Elle finding out she’s been accepted to both Berkeley and Harvard, so she has a pretty big choice to make. Given the hype surrounding both films — along with the general popularity of Netflix romcoms — we wouldn’t be surprised if a third installment is in the cards for the future.