The Marvels Toy Spoiler Hints a Major Phase 5 Storyline For “Captain Marvel”

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By Iron Man

Marvel Studios finds itself once again dealing with a spoiler leak, this time related to an upcoming breakout character’s storyline in “The Marvels.” Spoilers have become an unfortunate part of modern superhero productions, and even Marvel’s own marketing campaigns have fallen victim to revealing key plot details. The latest victim of such leaks is the highly popular character introduced in “Captain Marvel,” leaving fans eager to uncover what awaits in the upcoming film.

The Spoiler Revealed – Goose’s Kittens in “The Marvels”

The spoiler in question involves none other than Goose, the beloved cat/Flerken from “Captain Marvel.” Marvel Studios had previously capitalized on Goose’s popularity by prominently featuring her in marketing material. However, in a surprising development, the disclosure originates from Funko Pops. They recently introduced a figurine of Goose’s character, accompanied by the description that she will give birth to “kittens” in “The Marvels.” Although this revelation may appear trivial, it has the potential to carry substantial weight, taking cues from storylines found in Marvel Comics.

Unveiling Potential Story Implications

Marvel Comics has explored the Flerken “kittens” storyline in the past, revealing that Captain Marvel discovered Goose’s true nature when she laid eggs. Additionally, in “Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #3,” a Kree plot involving breeding Flerkens was exposed. The Kree planned to distribute these seemingly harmless Flerkens as pets, only to activate them later to carry out their nefarious agenda.

A Link to Secret Invasion and a New Kree War?

While there is no direct indication that Goose is affiliated with the Kree in the Funko reveal, her mysterious origin raises intriguing possibilities. The ending of “Captain Marvel” left the door open for the Kree’s potential return and the resurgence of a Kree war. In “The Marvels,” Zawe Ashton’s Kree Dar-Benn is confirmed as the main villain, leading a group of Accusers on a destructive campaign against the Skrulls.

With Goose’s kittens introduced, the unsettling idea emerges that Captain Marvel may have unwittingly welcomed a deep-cover spy into her circle, who could be activated at any moment by unknown Kree overlords. The presence of offspring makes the stakes even higher, as the balance of victory could now tip in favor of the Kree.


As Marvel Studios grapples with yet another spoiler leak, fans eagerly await the release of “The Marvels” to witness the full implications of Goose’s “kittens” storyline. The toy reveal hints at the potential involvement of the Kree, raising questions about Captain Marvel‘s alliances and the looming threat of a new Kree war. Only time will tell how this intriguing plot twist will unfold and impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 5.