The War Of Tomorrow Cast Funny Moments And Bloopers

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By FilMonger

30 years into the future – We are looking at dilapidated earth, burning in the shadows of an unknown monster. This reel life dystopian future is not the only dramatic twist in this edgy, gripping and mind-blogging entertainer. 

Chris Pratt’s dramatic sci-fi thriller The Tomorrow War takes place in 2022 – the year that humans come back from the future to warn others about a lost war and cry for help.

Creepy and long-armed aliens roaming the streets of Miami are not his only concern, living up to his daughter’s expectations and going back home after serving his seven days in the future war is the daunting weight on his shoulders.

this magnum-opus thriller has theatrical sets that transport you into the not-so-desirable future. The movie moves at a compelling and comfortable pace in the beginning but once the action starts, it doesn’t stop.  

Man of the moment, Chris Pratt does a marvelous job as Dan Forester, a biology professor, and an ex-army man. The movie brings out his different emotions – from apprehension to ruthless on-field action

But the real co-stars that stole the show are the aliens Whitespikes that keep you on the edge with their destructive ways and disturbing appearance. The designer of this aliens Ken, who did a great job in making us hate these blood-sucking aliens. 

If you’re a Chris Pratt fan, The Tomorrow War deserves all your fandom – a movie night complete with a theatre-like ambiance, a bucket of popcorn, and all the excitement of watching this big-budget thriller.