Thor AKA Chris Hemsworth Training For Thor’s Role | Chris Hemsworth Workout Routine For Thor’s Role

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As one might expect, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor diet and workout plan isn’t for the faint of heart. After all, the Marvel superhero is supposed to be larger than life itself, so some intensive muscle-building is basically mandatory. 

And while Chris Hemsworth’s body is naturally muscular, don’t think for a second he didn’t employ a vigorous regimen when preparing for the role. That was true for the first Thor film, and it remains true all the way up to the upcoming Marvel movies.

The very idea of a Chris Hemsworth Thor diet and workout plan might sound intimidating, but that doesn’t mean it’s beyond one’s grasp. On the contrary, the Aussie actor and his personal trainer didn’t stray too far outside the box when putting the plan into action.

If anything, Hemsworth’s respective diet and exercise routines are all about consistency, dedication, and intensity. In fact, his traineronce claimed that he and Hemsworth never work out for more than an hour at a time. Of course, that makes for one brutal hour!

Pair Hemsworth’s vegan diet with functional training exercises, and you get some earth-shattering results – perhaps achieving a Chris Hemsworth body for yourself. Should you want to rock your own superhero body, you can do far worse than the Chris Hemsworth Thor diet and workout plan. 

Clearly, if you want a Chris Hemsworth body, you are going to have to work for it. In summary, Chris Hemsworth’s workout plan goes big on free weights and full-body exercises. It requires an hour of thoroughly intense muscle-building, with little downtime between sets.

On the flip side of that fitness coin is Hemsworth’s most iconic role. Wielding an all-powerful hammer as he travels through galaxies at breakneck speeds, Thor retains a muscular build of truly epic proportion. This type of chiseled physique certainly didn’t come overnight, and it couldn’t have been achieved without a proper diet plan.