Thor Bloopers Vs. Actual Scenes

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By FilMonger

In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is not a good thing. But when it comes to blockbuster superhero movies, it certainly is. And now, Thor: Ragnarok is coming to DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats. 

To celebrate, Marvel has released the bloopers and outtakes reel from the movie. As you might expect, it’s incredible.

He comes from the land of the ice and snow — the incredibly powerful Avenger who is acknowledged as a god, the Mighty Thor himself. Already a hit with mythology aficionados everywhere, Thor saw his comic book debut in 1962, an event that would spark a series of solo films almost fifty years later as part of the extended Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the scope of the MCU, the Thor films are some of the most fun and fantastical, eschewing much of the scientific technobabble of Iron Man and the rest of the more Earth-based films for mead halls, elemental alien-gods, and a truly awe-inspiring hyperspace transport system that works through the use of a magic sword. The Led Zeppelin reference comes easily — this is some truly epic material.

But despite the beauty and fantasy of these films, it is important to remember that behind the magic are lots of hard-working people. And sometimes those hard-working people goof up or act a little silly. And it is with great pleasure that we’re able to see some of these moments captured on film, to delight us and enhance the joy and wonder of the movies themselves.

The romantic payoff is always one of the most anticipated scenes in any movie. Actors and directors go to great lengths to shoot and perform the most gratifying scene possible. Thor and Jane keep coming up against all kinds of obstacles to their love, so whenever they’re able to express their affection for each other, it’s a brief respite in the midst of world-altering chaos. 

But it’s got to be awkward to kiss your coworkers sometimes, right? Especially when you’ve got your trademark long blonde Thor locks blowing into her mouth! Kind of makes you wonder if that’s part of the reason Thor’s keeping it short later on in the timeline of the MCU. This funny little snippet provides some levity to a somewhat fraught and difficult relationship, and it’s nice to see that even in the midst of something so intense, Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman appreciate a little silliness.