Tom Hiddleston Funny Commercials

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By FilMonger

No, no, it’s not Tom Hiddleston‘s birthday. Do we really need a reason to celebrate this British star? We’re always looking forward to his performances, but he’s wonderfully entertaining all year round. We thought we’d pay it back by discussing about some of the reasons why people love him while you guys watch these funny clips featuring him.

He’s a hug machine. The online world let out a huge “Aww!” when seeing Hiddleston stop what he was doing to give his fans some attention:

He writes fan letters. Hiddleston has shown us how humble he can be, like the time he sent Anglo readers a thank you tweet and shout out for voting for him in the Anglo Fans Favorite poll. But this time around he took it one step further, sending a gushing letter to The Avengers writer Joss Whedon

Hiddleston starred in the The Pirate Fairy as a young, singing Captain Hook and has featured Hank Williams biopic I Saw the Lightso we know he can sing. But we especially love it when he breaks out in song during an interview:

He’s cute. It may sound superficial to focus on someone’s looks, but let’s call a spade a spade. He’s cute, plain and simple. He has an amazing smile. We like it when he giggles because then we giggle. Can we just take a minute and enjoy him for being his cutie pie self?

He takes one for the team.Hiddleston recently talked about getting “his kit off” for nude scenes. It doesn’t always have to be the woman, after all. He’s taking some of the weight off his female counterparts, and we are not complaining: