Tom Hiddleston Surprising His Fans

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By FilMonger

ThorAvengers and Loki star, Tom Hiddleston, despite becoming a major player in Hollywood, has always kept an impressively low profile when it comes to his personal life. Outside of his professional achievements, it hasn’t been easy for fans to get to know him.

He admitted that anytime he needs to speak in front of an audience, or perform on Broadway, he still gets nervous. But he finds a way to channel his nerves and fuel his performance.

Tom’s mother, Diana, is a former art administrator, while his father, James, is a physical chemist. The two, unfortunately, divorced when Tom was a teenager. While their split was difficult for him, he told that the experience made him “more compassionate.”

When Tom was seven years old, his parents shipped him off to boarding school. In an interview, he credited his time at boarding school for his early development of independence.

Back in June 2016, Taylor Swift and Tom started dating, and things appeared to be moving at breakneck speeds. The pair were photographed together more than 24 times within their first three weeks of dating. Evidently, the two did not work out, and years later, it still seems to be a sensitive topic for Tom.

Tom Hiddleston is one man who has captured the hearts of many, in addition to earning one very loyal fan base. Hiddleston fans continue to adore the man for his dance moveshis singing powers, and playing the evil Loki, among many other reasons.

Bless this man. Seeing that Tom Hiddleston fans are very articulate, you might want to try avoid offending them, if you’re not a true Hiddleston believer.