Tom Hiddleston Talking About Loki

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By FilMonger

The life of a celebrity is often seen as glamourous and blessed, as though it’s filled with nothing but success, red carpets, and champagne. The public loves devouring any juicy gossip about favorite stars. 

This is part of what keeps actors in the spotlight…and earning their hefty paycheques. Media exposure can be exhausting for celebs who want to enjoy a little anonymity during their downtime.

Success and fame are often paired with ‘how you look’, instead of your talents. Hiddleston knows how much of his success is about his looks and not his raw talent. He said: “Quite often, most of us are defined first by our vital statistics – our sex, our height, our weight, the color of our eyes, and then we’re defined by our job.”

Relationships with other celebrities are captured by the paparazzi, so something as simple as a dinner out on the town or a small tiff with their significant other can become tabloid fodder for weeks.

While it may seem like Tom Hiddleston has been an open book about his personal life, there are certain things he’d rather not talk about or dwell on. He wants the world to focus on his body of work.

Tom Hiddleston has been lucky in his career, but not so much in love. Despite being in his late thirties, an age when most people begin to think about settling down and having children, Tom hasn’t had a notable long-term relationship that the public has been aware of. Not for quite some time, anyway

During The Avengers, after receiving notes from Joss Whedon that his fight scene with Thor wasn’t realistic enough, Hiddleston insisted that Hemsworth really hit him. Tom felt that his costume would act as a shield. It worked, but he had a few bruises to tend to after the scene was filmed.