Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal New Funniest Bromance Moments | Better Than Any Regular Romance 2020

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‘Spider-Man’ Stars Tom Holland & Jake Gyllenhaal Have A Bromance Filled With So Much Laughter.Spider-Man and Mysterio may clash as superhero and villain, but let it be known that, frankly, Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal’s bromance transcends Peter Parker and MJ’s Spider-Man romance. 

According to Jake, however, his relationship with Holland isn’t even a bromance, but a straight up romance. As the actor told  “It’s not even a bromance; it’s a straight romance.” So, let’s just call it what it is without heteronormative phrases: a romance, filled with the actors gushing about each other during press interviews, making appearances together at Disneyland and a children’s hospital, and impersonating one another.

there’s also that time Gyllenhaal paid homage to Holland on Valentine’s Day, the official day of love, with a heart filter. He captioned the Instagram video, “Love is in the hair.”

Their affection continued with a trip to Disneyland alongside their Spider-Man co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Batalon. There, Zendaya, Batalon, and Gyllenhaal photobombed a group of park goers as they posed with a masked Spider-Man who just so happened to be Holland himself in disguise. 

Whether they’re hilariously impersonating one anotherbringing their devastating good looks to the red carpetsurprising fans at Disneyland, or generally fan-boying over each other during interviews, it’s clear these two Hollywood hunks have a bond that’s only bound to get stronger.

Don’t scoff, studies have shown that young men get more emotional satisfaction out of their “bromances” than they do out of romantic relationships with women. That undoubtedly holds true in the Marvel Universe as it does in our own.

Yes, there are some close acting friends who start acting like grade school kids when around one another. While this does make for good friendships, it also becomes dangerous in that a simple scene might take 50 takes due to the crackups.

Chemistry like this is more common than you think in the MCU if you go by Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans’ similar bromance. It’s resulted in them being banned from promotional interviews due to how much goofing off they do when in the same room.

One thing Gyllenhaal liked the most about Holland is that the latter has no ego. A relationship like this in Hollywood with someone who maybe does have an ego is a great new system of checks and balances in staying humble.