Tom Holland And Tom Hardy Talking About Venom 2 Connection With Spiderman No Way Home

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English actor Tom Hardy, who will be reprising the role of Venom in Andy Serkis’ sequel titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage, has said that he would do “anything” to make Tom Holland’s Spider-Man crossover with his character.

With the way it has shaped up and is being spoken about in the mainstream, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a monster of a movie. The film is not just a Tom Holland celebration but a complete reunion party for everyone who has ever been involved with the web-slinging superhero.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage’s post-credits scene has fans excited about Venom’s meeting Spider-Man. According to reports, at the end of the film, the makers have hinted that Venom has, perhaps, travelled across the multiverse.

Spider-Man and Venom have had a unique connection in the Marvel Comics universe. While the two characters previously crossed paths on the big screen in 2007’s Spider-Man 3, the origin story for Tom Hardy’s Venom wasn’t tied to the Web-Slinger whatsoever.

Hardy talked about a possible crossover of the two fan favourite characters and said “don’t see why it couldn’t be.”Fans of the franchise freaked out as soon as Hardy’s comments about a possible crossover went out.

Marvel fans are now starting to believe that, with the post-credits scene, Tom Holland’s comment is but a confirmation that Hardy’s character will make his MCU debut in the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

Spider-Man: No Way Homealready features characters from different universes. So seeing Venom in it would not be surprising.

However, Marvel actors are notoriously misleading with their clues, knowing just how much fans like to over-analyse everything, so we would tread carefully with this one.